Teyliom Group and CSE Group united their efforts in the creation of a joint humanitarian foundation, recognized as a charity by the State of Senegal. Its mission is to:

  • Contribute to improving the living conditions of the population
  • Enlarge the education prospects for the children

The Foundation is dedicated to four main Human Causes areas:

  • Facilitate the access to care and treatment to the greatest number of the population
  • Facilitate the access to safe potable water, through the construction, renovation, maintenance, etc. of drinking water sources (wells, boreholes, pipes, etc ...)
  • Promote access to quality education, for the outstanding students and students limited -income families
  • Encourage the construction, renovation and maintenance of places of worship


Teyliom Foundation supports programs aimed at improving: the accessibility of a targeted population to health care, education, housing and food, including potable water.


Teyliom Foundation will witness the continued commitment of the Group to contribute to the social and human development in Africa.

Sharing opportunities, sharing care, and sharing strong human values, Teyliom Foundation intends, to give a generous meaning to its commitments.

Teyliom Foundation will ensure a transparent and rigorous management of its projects and programs, by having on board high profile personalities, in addition to reporting on the achievements made

Teyliom Group, and though this foundation, clearly wishes deliver concrete actions towards the sustainable development of the African continent.

With pegged to the heart, the firm will to contribute to sustainable development of the African continent, Teyliom wishes through his foundation take concrete actions.


The Relais de l’Espadon Site, the former palace of the Governor during the colonial period, one of the most prestigious sites of Gorée Island in Senegal, unfortunately fell in ruins has been abandoned for several years.

Teyliom Group proposed to the State of Senegal, who accepted, the possibility of renovating the Relais de l’Espadon site, through converting it to a small luxury boutique hotel, while abiding the requirements, of the UNESCO, who has proclaimed the island as World of Humanity heritage, in addition to respecting the guidelines of the History Heritage Branch of the State of Senegal.

Teyliom Foundation reaffirms its commitment to preserving the heritage of Gorée Island, in addition, the Foundation will donate a percentage of the profits earned from the conversation of the site, to rehabilitate other parts of Gorée Island.