Teyliom is an African Group with strong presence in diversified sectors of activity in the West African region and Central Africa. Teyliom aims at becoming an investor of reference for the African continent. The Group is innovative and proactive in being a major actor in novel projects throughout Africa.

Teyliom Holdings is the top management structure, and oversees the whole Group: Teyliom Properties, Teyliom Hospitality, Teyliom Energies, Teyliom Finance, Teyliom Industries, and Teyliom Telecom. As of 31 December 2013 the Group consists of 52 companies spread in 16 countries, in Africa and Europe with a total workforce of 629 employees.


  • Yérim Habib SowPresident
  • Yigo Faly ThiamGroup Chief Executive Officer
  • Jean-Charles BesséGroup Chief Financial Officer
  • Mamadou Asta DiakhateGroup Secretary General
  • Henri DatiéGroup Chief Information Officer


Our ambition is to be a major player in supporting Africa's economic future.

Global Capital properties hospitality finance industries energies telecom aviation Teyliom Fondation



We build our partnerships based on integrity and honesty.
Our forward thinking philosophy, demonstrates our trust in the future.

Commitment to Africa

We believe in the development of Africa, and we are firmly committed to be a main contributor to this evolution.


Our long-term vision, is a continuous promise to our customers, our partners and our employees

A pioneering spirit

Our ongoing commitment to finding innovative and effective solutions, drives our entrepreneurial determination.

Our History

  • Opening the capital of BGWA with the entry of AfricInvest up to 30%
  • Signing the first two management contracts by Mangalis Hotel Group under Seen Hotels, and Yaas Hotels brands with hotel owners based; in Dakar and Malabo.
  • Putting in place an operative team at Inaugure Hospitality, Barcelona
  • Increasing the capital of CBC through the entry of PHATISA with 25%
  • Renaming the Group as of June 1st : Teylium becomes Teyliom
  • Acquiring a minority stake of 32.7% of BNDE, Senegal
  • Commencing the construction works of Hotel Chain Cotonou and Hotel Chain Hotel Niamey
  • Launching the production of juices at the Continental Beverage Company, Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Selling 3% of the Group´s shares in  MTN Côte d’Ivoire
  • Selling all the Group´s shares in TPLUS Telecommunications in Cape Verde
  • Commencing the construction works at Hotel Chain Hotel Conakry
  • Establishing Inaugure Hospitality headquarters in Barcelona, Spain
  • Selling all the Group´s  shares in the capital of INTERCEL Holding, and exit the telecommunications sector in Guinea
  • Receiving and leasing Trilenium-2 Building, Bamako- Mali
  • Establishing Inaugure Hospitality, and contracting an independent agency to conduct research studies on founding a hotel chain in Africa
  • Launching of the activities of Horyzon real state, consisting of 50 villas in the area VDN of Dakar
  • Operative inauguration of Sea Plaza Shopping Mall, Dakar
  • Receiving the final work of Rivonia Tower, Dakar
  • Selling 25% stake in INTERCEL Holding
  • Operative inauguration of Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar
  • Starting off renovations of 2 properties in Brussels, through our subsidiary Fifth Avenue Real Estate SA
  • Receiving and leasing the building of ATRYUM Center in Dakar
  • Delivery of phases 1 and 2 of the company’s real estate program, Golf Properties, Dakar
  • Selling of 10% stake in INTERCEL Holding
  • Receiving the final construction works of the following properties:
    • Teylium building, Abidjan
    • Coralia Ngor, Dakar
  • Selling of 5% of the shares in MTN, Côte d’Ivoire, reducing the participation to 10%.
  • Launching the construction of: Waterfront Apartments, Dakar ATRYUM Center, Dakar
  • Commencing acquisitions to create a land reserve in Côte d’Ivoire of approximately 55,000 square meters during 2007
  • Reinforcing Bridge Bank Group equity in Côte d’Ivoire, through the entry of CAURIS INVESTMENT capital fund
  • Launching effectively the mobile network of TPLUS Telecommunications in Cape Verde during December 2007
  • Obtaining mobile license in Cape Verde
  • Creation of TPLUS Telecommunications Cape Verde
  • Acquisition of a majority stake in INTERCEL mobile company Guinea
  • Launching of activities of Bridge Bank Group Côte d’Ivoire
  • Launching of activities of Continental Beverage Company
  • Closing the Dubai office support and opening of the Geneva office
  • Starting the construction works of:
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Dakar
    • Sea Plaza, Shopping Mall, Dakar
    • Rivonia Tower, Dakar
    • Ngor Coralia, Dakar
    • Trilenium 2, Bamako
  • Selling 51% of Telecel Côte d’Ivoire to MTN Group- South African
  • Organizational Structuring of Teylium International, through the establishment of support offices in Dubai and Abidjan.
  • Founding Teylium International
  • Creating Teylium Telecom, as a main investor in Telecel Côte d’Ivoire; mobile company with the GSM technology network.


The Group was founded and managed by visionary African entrepreuneur, who strongly believe in the future growth of their Continent, Africa. Teyliom Group aims at being among the major players of the economic landscape of Africa in the coming five years.

Teyliom Holdings, is the mother structure, which controls and manages the entire Group. The operational management of the Group's activities, is mandated to two support entities:

> Teyliom Group CI, based in Abidjan- Côte d´Ivoire

> Teyliom Group SA, based in Genève- Switzerland

As part of implementing good governance in conducting our business activities, the Group has set up committees, emanated from the Board of Directors, to always opt for effective operations, and to constantly strive to raise the level of the Group´s performance.

Teyliom Group opted to IFRS since 2006, for the purpose of presenting the consolidated financial statements based on International standards.